Search engine marketing is the technique of preparing your web pages in such a way as to maximize the exposure on the internet, specifically so that they will appear in the top echelon of search engine results pages returned for a specific query.


Why use it?


Search engine marketing is helpful in a number of ways. The overriding goal is to increase your revenue by increasing the number of visitors to your website. Additionally, visitors must show a high conversion rate. In other words, the visitors who are directed to your website should be those who are targeted. They look for a product on the internet, are directed to your web site and are convinced to purchase the product that you offer. Although search engine spiders don’t read web pages, people do. It is still important to provide enough information in the text of your web page so that searchers are directed to your page for the answers they seek.


How does it work?


Search engine marketing is both very simple and as complex as you want it to be. It is simple in the sense that if you use a variety of keywords; ones that the searcher is likely to enter in a query box on your web page, the search engine spider will rate those favorably and your page will be returned as a response. However, this doesn’t mean that just listing a lot of possible keywords on your page will make it rank higher than others selling the same product or service.  This is where the complexity of the practice enters in. The web page must be readable and informative to the human reader as well.


Using tricks of the trade


You can take advantage of several tricks of the trade that are perfectly acceptable to the search engine robots that visit your website in order to index it and provide page rankings. For example, search engine marketing, that includes the keyword in the title or subtitle of your page is acceptable, and in fact, encouraged. Do not forget, to take advantage of the image descriptions on your web page. This not only allows the visually impaired reader to understand the image that is being described, but also adds an additional use of the keyword.


Positive results


Using search engine marketing creatively will help to make your website attractive, informative and a positive source for individuals searching the web for your product. This creates good customer perceptions and makes the visitors want to return to your site again and again. It cannot be stressed enough that people read web pages, not search engine spiders. You may get visitors to a web site with creative marketing techniques, but providing real value for the customer is what encourages them to make the step from visitor to customer.


Does software help?


Currently, there are some very good search engine marketing tools are available on the internet.  Not only does the packaged software help you to determine good keywords, but it helps to determine how your competitors are doing in their marketing efforts. You can use the software to decide what techniques to use because they are working well for others, and which techniques to avoid because they are not doing well. Even helping with additional keyword lists may give your revenue a boost.