You can find a large number of e-commerce extensions that can be helpful in custom Joomla development. Here are the top 8 e-commerce extensions available for Joomla.


With the growth potentials of online selling, the e-commerce market is rapidly rising. Today, more and more businesses and entrepreneurs are coming up with innovative e-commerce websites. Most business individuals prefer Joomla web development to create easy-to-navigate e-com stores.


Joomla offers a large number of e-commerce extensions that increase the functionality of any website. With a large number of choices, sometimes it becomes challenging for people to choose an appropriate extension for their websites.


This article uncovers 8 Joomla e-commerce extensions preferred by the most developers and business owners:


  1. VirtueMart


VirtueMart is known as the pioneer of the Joomla e-commerce extension. It provides a stable interface and efficient performance. This functional extension has been vastly improved in the past 10 years. With clear architecture, VirtueMart is preferred by the majority. With plenty of functionalities such as multi-currency, language support, cart, featured products, and built-in payment plugins, it creates the most powerful e-com stores. Moreover, it is compatible with Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3. It provides a dynamic calculator and completely anonymous checkout while creating categories with descriptions and media.


  1. DgiCom


DigiCom is another widely-used, open-source e-commerce extension for Joomla. With sales analytics, it is the first digital e-commerce extension that allows you to quickly set up an amazing marketplace. Comes with add-ons-based structure and a clean dashboard, DigiCom is designed to sell. DgiCom has multiple payment integrations and a fantastic drag-and-drop file manager. Best of all, DigiCom is compatible with Joomla 3.X.


  1. Hikashop


HikaShop’s main features are simplicity and flexibility. Available in three editions: 1. HikaShop Starter, 2. HikaShop Essential, and 3. HikaShop Business, you have the flexibility to choose a version suitable to your purposes and specifications! If you’re familiar with CSS and HTML, you can easily use this powerful extension. Hikashop supports efficient marketing tools that help you offer affiliate programs, coupons, discounts, etc. Comes with fully packed features while providing an easy-to-navigate dashboard. It is also compatible with Joomla a 1.5, 2.5 and 3.X.


  1. MijoShop


Comes with feature-rich and user-friendly architecture, Mijoshop is a leading e-commerce extension that provides a powerful shopping cart. Compatible with Joomla a 1.5, 2.5 and 3.X; Mijoshop has become a popular extension among site owners. If you are looking to sell tangible products online and need an intuitive admin interface, then MijoShop definitely makes for a wonderful option for you.


  1. J2STORE


Comes with a wide range of components, modules, and plugins; J2STORE enables you to create mobile-friendly designs. It supports multi-currency support and a currency switcher that is necessary to develop an internationally focused business website. You can attract your targeted audience with great discounts and offers while providing them with coupons and vouchers. This extension can be a great option for custom e-commerce development.


  1. eCommerce WD


Coming with advanced functionality, eCommerce WD supports shipment and delivery features. It also provides the integration of rating and review that can be a great addition to your website. With PayPal Express Checkout, eCommerce WD offers full PayPal integration for making simple and trustworthy online payments.


  1. EShop


EShop provides you with a wide range of functions specifically designed to make your website work to its full potential. With high functionality, 20+ Payment Gateways; EShop has become the most preferred choice for business owners. It offers 10+ shipping methods and access to the several sections via menu, sub-menu system. EShop uses standard Joomla layouts, toolbars while providing automatic image resizing.


  1. MyMuse


MyMuse is an ideal option for those who are looking forward to selling audio, video files and other downloadable content online. It supports multiple payment systems that make it easy to customize your website. With MyMuse, you can also preview for music and videos. Moreover, It is easy to set up taxes and shipping rates.


So to conclude, these are the 8 top preferred e-commerce extensions available for Joomla. You can choose any one as per your needs and purposes. Hopefully, this article helped!